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Ask and You Shall Receive: Suzibella Baby Keepsake Boxes are Back!

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Sometimes brands just can’t die.  They are too well-loved.  Whether they were discontinued years ago and resurrected, such as the Ford Thunderbird;  or offered only in limited supply to keep a constant state of pent-up demand like the McDonald’s McRib, consumers can often influence companies to bring back favorite brands.

Suzibella Baby Keepsake Boxes are a customer favorite, from celebrity Moms such as Alison Sweeney to Soccer Moms.  Actually, that is an understatement.  Suzibella Baby Keepsake Boxes are a customer obsession.   They are THE gift that certain customers give to every new baby for every baby shower.  Period.  To the loyal Suzibella customers, there is no other gift.  So when I, Suzibella founder, Suzanne Longacre decided to take a sabbatical from the baby keepsake box world, things got ugly.   Customers could not fathom not giving a Suzibella Baby Keepsake Box to the Mom-to-Be at the next baby shower.   “But I gave one to baby #1, and baby #2.  How could I not give a keepsake box to baby #3?” pondered a Suzibella fan.  So these loyal fans took matters into their own hands and started emailing, calling and begging their local baby stores to try to get them a keepsake box.    Their pleas were eerily similar.  “But I just need one.  Certainly you have one left somewhere back there, right.”  And when the baby store manager did not have one, well, the customers went right to the top.  To Suzibella.  To me.  And they pleaded.  And they pleaded.  Then finally, after all the begging, I decided to return to the baby world and bring back the Suzibella Baby Keepsake Boxes to the delight of fans everywhere;  just like Ford, with the Thunderbird, and McDonald’s, with the Mc Rib.

It is refreshing to see the ability of loyal brand supporters to be able to influence the resurgence of a product.  So if you have a favorite product, be vocal!   Ask, and you may very well receive!

Designed in white wood with gorgeous details like ball feet and an original poem written to express those feelings often so hard to describe, Suzibella’s Baby Keepsake Boxes not only preserve your baby’s most precious moments – they show your child just how important those moments have been to you.  Each Suzibella Baby Keepsake Box contains a pouch for baby’s first haircut, a ribbon-tied box for baby’s first tooth, and a bag for baby’s favorite pacifier or rattle.