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Organizing Baby’s Keepsakes During National (GO) Get Organized Month

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Where are your baby’s precious keepsakes? Are they in a drawer, a Ziploc bag, an old shoebox, or worse: you don’t know where they are? January 2012 marks the eighth year NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) sponsors Get Organized (GO) Month. GO Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of hiring a professional organizer and being organized.

When thinking about National GO Month, and organizing one’s own house, it can be quite overwhelming. So starting this big project with something fun and more manageable such as organizing your baby’s keepsakes is a great way to begin.

You can make your own keepsake box, or purchase one at your favorite craft store or baby boutique. The Keepsake Box by Suzibella is a beautiful white wooden box, which comes with a pouch to hold baby’s first haircut, a ribbon-tied box to hold baby’s first tooth, and a bag for baby’s favorite pacifier or rattle; all items that are typically saved by parents.

Other baby mementoes often kept by parents include pregnancy ultrasound images, baby’s “coming home outfit”, hospital crib cards, bracelets and hats, christening items, photos, and even a clean newborn diaper to remember just how tiny baby was.

Some more unusual items that new parents might save include fingernail clippings, pregnancy tests, and probably the most debated keepsake of all: the umbilical cord stump! In an article posted on, there were 379 comments about saving the umbilical cord stump. The comments were very polarized, with parents feeling strongly about keeping the cord stump, contrasting with those who would never keep it, and thinking it is “gross”.

The cultural practices regarding saving the stump are very interesting. One parent commented: “We planted a tree in our backyard and buried our sons stump under it with a silver dollar. According to Native American legend this is supposed to ensure the child grows big and strong like a tree and always has $ in his pocket.”

Whether you choose to save only the more traditional baby keepsakes or you opt to include more unusual items, the most important thing is to store the items together, so that you know where to locate them when the baby grows up and is old enough to understand and appreciate the sentiment behind the collection. And most importantly, please make sure you don’t store them in a Ziploc bag or an old shoebox! Baby’s keepsakes deserve a place that is as special as they are!ImageImageImage


Written by Suzanne Longacre

January 13, 2012 at 6:10 am